Yamaha Primary Drive clutch Vector, ER, GT, Mountain, Mountain SE 2006-07 new

Yamaha Primary Drive clutch Vector, ER, GT, Mountain, Mountain SE 2006-07 new

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(Last Updated On: July 24, 2021)

Yamaha replacement Primary clutch
Please see application below, please specify exact year, make, model, including track length and elevation in notes if purchasing.
We at MCB use this clutch exclusively on all our shop and personal sleds. It may not look very technical, but this is one of the best bolt on items we used here at MCB in many years. The smoothness, power delivery and overall durability is excellent! Canada built with the highest quality materials!
2 year Warranty / rated and tested to 320HP / Precision Balanced
Electric Start compatible, just bolt your stock ring gear onto this clutch.
4 lbs lighter than a TRA clutch (13.3lbs vs 9.4lbs) / Center of mass is considerably closer to the motor and the centerline of the crankshaft. This provides superior throttle response, faster revving, allowing for lower engagement without hesitation and resulting in better applied traction.
Used exclusively by MCB on all their personal and shop sleds
Considerably smoother than any other clutch we have ever used.
More torque sensing than an OEM clutch. Senses track spin and overall track load and makes seem less adjustments, holding constant RPM. Low end sensing has an almost traction control like feeling.
Excellent deep snow, take off and load sensing!
Considerably less sensitive to snow conditions than an OEM clutch!
Easily tuned. Weights can be changed trail side with a 36mm socket and the holding tool (sold separately). The face cover plate is not under any spring load, this allows weight changes to be made in minutes with a flat bladed screwdriver. The spring cup / retention design is identical to a Ski Doo design with the addition of a much better spring and spring cup guide tower for easy assembly.
Uses the same puller as your stock clutch (applies to Ski Doo only)!
Don’t be fooled by the looks of this clutch, very simple, yet the most effective clutch we ever used or tested! 50% less moving parts as compared to OEM clutches. No flyweights. no rollers, no thrust washers, No arms. Weight adjustable sliding blocks have constant leverage at all shift points / speeds as compared to the exponential leverage loss OEM designs! Simply the best, most durable easily tunable clutch we have used or tested in our 26 years of business and 40 years of snowmobiling!
Available for almost all Ski Doo, Polaris, Arctic Cat and Yamaha applications. Call the tech line with questions or applications.
Yamaha Vector, ER, GT, Mountain, Mountain SE 2006-07

Replaces OEM YPZ drive clutch

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