How to choose the motorcycle that suits you?

//How to choose the motorcycle that suits you?

How to choose the motorcycle that suits you?

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(Last Updated On: January 12, 2021)

1.Imitate race motorcycles


The streamlined body and the design for speed are the favorites of many people. Usually people like to call it a sports car, but personally think that the imitation race is more appropriate, and it was first introduced by the manufacturer for young people who like racing.

Many people think that the XX model is too gentle and should not be called an imitation race. I have to complain about these keyboard cars. As the name suggests, motorcycles that are modeled after racing cars should be called imitation races.

Advantages: The engine is biased towards high-speed output, stronger power, higher pedals, the vehicle’s set inclination limit is larger, the separated handlebars are narrower, and it is more suitable for postures such as side hanging, suitable for driving on paved roads/tracks.

Disadvantages: Sitting in combat, suffering from long distances, tiring daily commuting, and generally poor temperature control for large displacements. Does it count as expensive? A little more expensive than street cars of the same level.

Of course, there are also more approachable players, which can be called street running, that is, the posture is not that fighting, such as Suzuki GSX-250R, Ninja 400, etc.

Haojue Suzuki GSX-250R
Kawasaki Ninja 400

2.Street motorcycle

The cars that are more street-oriented have taller and wider handlebars, a more comfortable sitting posture, a more low-to-medium speed output, a smaller fairing area, and a more muscular body shape.


Advantages: The sitting posture is more comfortable, the power generation area is more suitable for urban commuting, and there are fewer fairings and other components, and it is lighter. The control is more flexible (the handlebars are high and wide, and the forward angle setting is more reasonable)

Disadvantages: too balanced, slightly insufficient under extreme driving, non-paved road driving ability is higher than imitation racing, lower than off-road, ADV, etc.

There are also less serious players here, and there are many 200-horse street cars. For example, KTM1290 SUPER DUKE, DUCATI V4 StreetFighter.

DUCATI V4 StreetFighter

3. Off-road

Off-road motorcycles emphasize off-road performance, with fewer electronic control systems and lower configuration. They usually use longer shock absorbers to increase the body. There are fewer body parts to ensure sufficient light weight in off-road environments.

SWM 500

Of course, there are also forest road cars, track cars, etc., so I won’t introduce too much.

Advantages: high passability, lightweight body.

Disadvantages: poor pavement, extremely high seat height, short cruising range, not suitable for road driving

There is also a racer who evolved from off-road motorcycles. The English name is: SUPER MOTO, which is translated as slippery tires in China, which means that the off-road is replaced with road tires. It can be bent and slipped, similar to the drift of a car. Corner.

It’s so cool after playing!

4. Traveling motorcycle

It mainly emphasizes the comfort of travel, and the configuration is high, especially in the comfort configuration, such as electric heating handles, electric heating seats, and Bluetooth speakers. With a long wheelbase, it brings very good high-speed cruise stability. At the same time, great care is taken in the vibration suppression of the engine, and everything is for comfort.

Advantages: extremely high comfort, large seats, high configuration, a certain storage space, long cruising range

Disadvantages: heavier vehicles, generally higher prices, larger body

5. ADV motorcycle models

It is a model that evolved from off-road motorcycles. If off-road is counted as a short distance, ADV is more inclined to long-distance crossing, with a certain amount of power, a certain degree of comfort, and a certain road performance. ADV is also divided into different orientations, with a preference for civilian use, similar to BMW 1250 GS ADV, KTM 1290 ADV, and a pure toy similar to KTM 450 RALLY.


Advantages: more powerful appearance, long cruising range, multiple use scenarios (both on-road and off-road), taking into account power and handling, more comfortable riding posture

Disadvantages: The body is larger, the seat height is higher, maintenance is more expensive, and the city commute is slightly bulky

6、Cruising motorcycle

The “Prince Edward” car we often talk about is this category. The difference between the cruise car and the RV/travel is that the cruiser is more streamlined and the pedals are more forward. Among them, there are two types: European style and American style. Representatives are: Ducati XDiavel (European style), Benali 502C (European style), Indian Chief Dark Horse (American style), and Harley Atom Glide.


7. Retro motorcycle

The retro motorcycle-style has a wide range of categories, ranging from cruisers to streetcars and imitation races. It is also a popular category in the domestic market. For example, Cafe, Scrambler, etc., are branch models under the retro style.

Honda CB1100RS


Basically, I don’t need to go into too much. CVT transmission is usually used, and the oil is left and stopped when the oil is collected. There is also ample storage space such as a bucket, which is extremely convenient.


Advantages: has a bucket storage space (it is really convenient), good vibration control, light control, comfortable riding posture, CVT transmission, no need to change gears

Disadvantages: Compared with the same level straddle/with gear models, the fuel consumption is higher, and the maintenance period is shorter, usually 3k kilometers

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